From 1hr to 21 Day Tours

Are you one of the many people who have been browsing our website wishing you could experience some of our tours but feel unable due to not having a motorcycle licence or having family that would be unable to come with you?  

Did you answer yes to this? - Then this is just for you! 

We can now offer you the FULL Haggis Tours EXPERIENCE without the motorcycle, we can now take you round the NC500 and offer you exactly the same bespoke tours that we currently offer our avid motorcyclist clientele.  We will still arrange everything from accommodation and visitor attractions to collecting you from and delivering you to any Scotland airport to begin and end your NC500 or Scotland tour and any UK address to begin our UK and EU tours. 


We have 5 star feedback and ratings on trip advisor, Google reviews and on our Facebook page along with various other reviewing entities so we will let those great reviews quash any doubts you may have about booking your next adventure with us!


As we were also voted No. 1 in Scotland for Motorcycle Tours & Hire we aim to be the best when it comes to Bespoke Minibus tours as well!

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HOW MANY PASSENGERS CAN YOU TAKE? : We generally like to keep all our tours be it motorcycle or minibus tours small and bespoke so we usually operate with a 9 seater minibus allowing us to take up to a family or group of 8 people including all their luggage and still have a vehicle small enough to get right into the heart of the wilderness so you don't have miss anything worthwhile seeing due to the larger vehicle restrictions on some rural roads. Although we can accommodate a tour up to 17 seats and beyond with notice as our driver is fully licensed for any size of bus.

CAN YOU DO EVERYTHING FOR US?: We certainly try our utmost to accommodate everything required by each tour group from ensuring the dinner menus are appropriate for dietary requirements and organising entrance to specific attractions you as a group may wish to visit.  Some things we are unable to do such as booking your flights from your home country to get you to the U.K. however.  Best to ask us on a case by case basis if your unsure.

HOW MUCH IS A TOUR? We can cater for all budgets on our tours, because all our tours are bespoke to your wants and needs we can work around your budget to offer you a tour that is within your reach.  Obviously the higher the budget the bigger and better we can make it such as upgrading from staying in a B&B to staying in a Castle.

IS IT JUST SCOTLAND/HIGHLANDS YOU CAN DO A MINIBUS TOUR? Absolutely not! We can literally take you on every EU tour we offer to our motorcycle clients too.  Fancy something else that we don't currently list?  Just ask and we will take you there and more than likely add it to our itinerary fro future too. The best person to tell us where to tour is you.

WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YOUR MINIBUS TOURS? Simply take a look at our motorcycle tours currently on offer as we can do the exact same tour but in a minibus so you can take your loved ones along and really enjoy the experience.  Whats even better? When you visit those whisky distilleries you can partake in the tasting sessions without the worry of having to drive afterwards.  If you still have any questions just send us an email and one of our team will be delighted to help you.